Ethnographic Park Cluj

The reasoning behind this Competition is the opportunity of extending the current Park, in terms of capitalisation of the territory and from a functional perspective as well. In this manner, it would be possible to develop new areas intended to assume novel, modern functions related to the Open-Air Ethnographic Park, which  at this moment works as a museum (cultural heritage objects located within premises reproducing the rural landscape specific to different areas, specific visiting hours, guided tours, restricted access to protected areas, preserved premises etc.). Thus, the Museum Park will develop into a functional complex, where cultural values will be complemented by learning values, direct experimentation, recreational and leisure opportunities etc.

This upgrade of the area enhances the intelligent urban development of a valuable city neighbourhood, with a view to creating a future landscape facilities hub for the city, which will extend its sightseeing map.

This opportunity was emphasised throughout 2015 and 2016 within the Preservation – Restoration and capitalisation on the Petrindu and Cizer wooden churches project, following which the Nordic Urban Design Association specialists drafted a Master Content Plan related to this matter, highlighting not only the utility of this urban development, but also the need to organise a Solutions Competition to represent the starting point for the implementation of this endeavour. 

The Promoter of this Competition is the Cluj County Council, which is also the landowner and the beneficiary of the Competition outcome. 

The Organiser of the Competition is the Romanian Order of Architects.


photo used for the poster: Ghid Video Turistic

Competition jury

Full members

arch. Hakon Iversen


arch. Horia Marinescu


arch. Claudiu Salanță


Deputy members

Trond Tystad

Competition calendar

  • Stage Complete

    Official launch of the competition

    Date of publication in the ESPP
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    Registration to site visits until

  • Stage Complete

    Site visit

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    Time limit for receiving questions Round 1

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    Time limit for answering questions Round 1

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    Time limit for receiving questions Round 2

  • Stage Complete

    Time limit for answering questions Round 2

  • Stage Complete

    Project submission deadline

  • Stage Complete

    Preliminary assessment of the projects

    20-21.04.2017 - verification by the Technical Committee
  • Stage Complete

    Jury assessement of the projects

  • Stage Complete

    Official announcement of the winner

    press conference with the Jury
  • Stage Complete

    Time limit for submitting appeals

    10 days after the official publication of the results

Competition documentation

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