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Why an architect

Why an architect

Presently, a building is a very complex process, that must abide by sets of strict standards and regulations, and best meet the beneficiary’s needs with respect to comfort, optimum hygiene, safety in exploitation, energetic efficiency, adaptation to climatic changes, etc.

That is why, irrespective of how simple the project may seem, you’ll need professional help. The architect is the first professional you should contact (link to search an architect) since she/he has the training, the grasp, and the necessary knowledge to guide you during your investment, from defining the brief to implementing the project (link to what an architect does).

The architect will know to refer you to other professionals that must be included in the team (structural engineers, plumbing engineers, etc.) and the architect, as project manager, can coordinate the entire team. The architect will design the project, will give shape to the client’s needs and ideas.

The architect’s work is subject to copyright, and the documents submitted by the architect with the client can only be used as per the contract between the two parties. Should you want to terminate your cooperation with an architect, and choose another, you can use the initial project only if you have the specific consent of the initial architect and within the contractual terms and conditions set out between the client and the architect.

Important!  Only work with an architect within a contractual framework (link on how I work with an architect). The contract is a legal agreement in which the parties’ interests are represented fairly and which includes the unforeseen situations that can objectively arise between the parties. An architect’s work must be rewarded fairly, and this must subsequently grant a quality project for the client.

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