Quality of dwelling

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The study addresses the quality of dwelling in a broad and interdisciplinary manner. It has been shaped through the contribution of a diverse group of partners and stakeholders, proposing a set of criteria for a minimum standard of housing quality. The aim is to become a persuasive tool and a basis for dialogue to create mechanisms that improve access to quality housing in Romania.

The study does not only refer to housing, but speaks about dwelling, which takes place in a framework that goes beyond the limits of the dwelling itself and extends outside it, into the immediate vicinity, the neighborhood, and further into the entire city. Dwelling encompasses all spatial elements that define our familial, social, and professional living environment, with housing being the central element around which we organize our entire lives.

Thus, the individual sphere of dwelling cannot be separated from the collective and the public, just as the intimate framework of dwelling cannot be separated from social and cultural interactions. All these elements are part of the daily life of each of us and impose the need to carefully consider the construction of housing and the revitalization of existing stocks in relation to the various scales of the city: common spaces, public utilities, facilities, public equipment, correlated with, and integrated into the network of amenities and public spaces of the city.

How we structured the information aimed at subsequent declination in multiple ways that can act as a professional advocates in support of a better built environment culture:

  • Methodologies, standards, grids, and criteria for evaluating dwelling quality.
  • Landmarks for certifications.
  • Recommendations for local public policies / integrated urban development approach / guidelines for technical committees / a tool for municipalities to do their job better.
  • Foundation for financial instruments to support decisions in the real estate market or to allow new ways of producing living spaces as a result of programs / government measures.



Coordinator: arch. Daniela Calciu

Authors: arch. Ilinca Păun Constantinescu, Laura Popa Florea, Eugen Pănescu, Vera Marin, Ileana Blum, sociologist Adrian Dan, urban planning geographer Oana Druță, geographer Bogdan Suditu, historian Andrei Răzvan Voinea, engineer Mihai Negulescu

Contributors: arch. Oana Pavăl, photo-video editor Sergiu Brega

Generated as a result of an exploratory initiative initiated by the OAR in 2020 and led by the multidisciplinary team (think tank) consisting of: Diana Stan, Alexandru Găvozdea, Oana Simionescu, Tudor Juravlea, Dorin Beu, Șerban Țigănaș, Valentina Saygo, Georgian Marcu, Tiberiu Moisa, Nansi Lungu, Radu Puchiu, Mircea Căpățână, Oana Bogdan, Ema Prisca.