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Working with an architect

Working with an architect

After the first meeting between you (the client) and the architect, when you provide the preliminary information (initial design brief, location, etc.), the architect submits her/his quote for services as per the Architect’s Tasks. Then, you assess the quote (or the quotes if there are several, from different architects) and proceed to the conclusion of the contract.

In order to help the architects and the clients/property developers, OAR provides two tools:

  • A tool for estimating the working hours required by a design project (the Design Cost Shared Platform – DCSP);
  • Standard design contracts.

These tools offer both the architect and the clients/developers the necessary principles for calculating the project workload (established objectively, according to a scientific methodology), and for setting out the contract relying on standard design contracts, adjusted to the types of services the architect will provide.

Important! Compare the quotes using the same indicators (design hours, hourly rate), and taking into account the tasks listed in the quote (what the architect actually does). Do not contract out packages of services that do not fully include the core tasks.