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At the request of the Contracting Authority, following additional information provided by the Cluj County – Conclusions Sheet – Annex of the Historical study (Annex 8 – Additional documentation), the documentation of the International Design Competition “Cluj-Napoca Comprehensive Transplant Centre” was rectified as follows:

Annex 1Competition Brief
1.1. Competition brief
1.2. Areas & staff summary (.xls file)
Anexa 1.ACompetition Brief – Amendment
1.A.1. Competition Brief – Amendment
1.A.2. Areas & staff summary (.xls file) – Amendment
Annex 2Competition Rules
 2.1. Competition Rules
2.2. Application forms
2.3. Financial proposal
2.4. Winner negotiation forms
2.5. Project team
2.6. Design contract
2.7. Cost estimate
2.8. Area estimate
2.9. Identification form
2.10. Templates for participants
2.11. List of the competition documentation
Annex 2.ACompetition Rules – Amendment
 2.A.1. Competition Rules – Amendment
2.A.3. Financial proposal – Amendment
2.A.6. Design contract – Amendment
2.A.7. Cost estimate – Amendment
2.A.8. Area estimate – Amendment
2.A.11. List of competition documentation – Amendment
Annex 3Urban planning documentation and permits
 3.1. Urban planning certificate
3.2. Extract from the land book
3.3. Extract form the General Urban Plan of the Municipality of Cluj-Napoca /.dxf format
Annex 4Studies
 4.1. Historical study
4.2. Traffic study
Annex 5Technical assessments
 5.1. Akademia Multifunctional Centre – Technical expertise report;
5.2. Akademia Multifunctional Centre – Geotechnical investigation;
Annex 6Support documentation
 6.1. University Hospital Complex – topographic survey /.dxf format
6.2. Akademia Multifunctional Centre – Technical report for the “PAC” phase;
6.3. Akademia Multifunctional Centre – Layout plan;
6.4. Akademia Multifunctional Centre – Plan of Basement 1;
6.5. Akademia Multifunctional Centre – Plan of Basement 2;
6.6. Akademia Multifunctional Centre a – A-A Section;
6.7. Akademia Multifunctional Centre – B-B Section; 
6.8. Akademia Multifunctional Centre – Basement plan  – correlation with the outline of the plot /.dxf format; 
Annex 7Photographic documentary
 7.1. General images of the area
7.2. University Hospital Complex
7.3. Park between terraces II and III
7.4. Site
Annex 8Additional documentation
 8.1. Historical study – drawing