2018 Urban Development of Kogălniceanu Street, Cluj-Napoca

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Between the 26th and the 28th of May 2018 the competition jury debated and has decided the results for Urban Development of Str. Kogălniceanu, Str. Universității and Adjacent Streets Design Competition.

The contest, officially launched on the 17th of July 2018, is organised by the Romanian Chamber of Architects (OAR), promoter Municipality of Cluj-Napoca.

The jury decided to award the following teams:

1st Prize

Project no. 53 – DP1212 – MOSSFERN SRL

Co-authors: Lázár Csaba, Perju Mădălina Simona, Macalik Arnold Ernő, Vass Dániel,  Pop Vlad Bogdan, Vajna Botond Szilárd, Molnár Attila, Szilágyi-Bartha József

 The competition winning project is an integrated reflection on the complex problems contained by the site and the specific requirements attached to the architectural competition. For their concept, the authors build on the metaphor of the hopscotch: “it is the ritual of our everyday lives, which we are bound to enact”. The different layers of their submitted work – whether written, drawn, sketched or rendered – represent a complete and coherent documentation of the solutions proposed. The result is a successful attempt to respond to all major problems with minimal intervention. Each sequence of the proposed urban ”hopscotch” is both illustrated in detailed architectural drawings and described in culturally and historically well supported texts.” – Jury statement on the project

2nd Prize

Project no. 56 – GC0301 – ȘERBAN I. DANIEL LUCIAN B.I.A.

Main authors: Andrei Bacoșcă, Mădălina Doroftei, Ruxandra Grigoraș, Marina Melenti, Daniel Șerban

”Project no. 56 presents a unitary and rigorous concept that proposes three coherently integrated spatial typologies: the pedestrian street (a continuous space that includes the largos, squares and statuary groups), the vegetable garden (in relation to the Reformed Church) and the mineral garden (outside the medieval wall) located in the eastern extremity of the site. The proposal is characterized by a modern, geometric and austere urban character, suited to the academic vocation of the area.” – Jury statement on the project

3rd Prize


Main authors: arh. Fleșeriu Alexandru Nicolae, arh. Péter Eszter
Co-authors: arh. Costea Andrei, arh. Moldovan Miruna
Architecture Collaborators: arh. Vladovici Alexandru
Specialities Collaborators: ing. peisagist Dudaș Maria, ing. Mozoran Alexandru, ing. Sandor Roland

”The distinguishing feature of the project is the usage of river stone, a specific material for Cluj until the beginning of the twentieth century. This pavement is used to create a precise zoning, defining walking and resting areas. The insertion of noble areas covered with large tiles near the main access points creates a sensorial connection between the Institutions and the public space adjacent to them.

It is noteworthy, however, that the detail of implementing this type of pavement as well as the excessively large areas near the important institutions induces a rural atmosphere.” – Jury statement on the project

The competition was a public, one-phase competition, open to Romania, all countries of the European Union, of the European Economic Area, and to the Swiss Confederation.

The Purpose of the Competition was to select the best solution for the “ Urban Development of Str. Kogălniceanu, Str. Universității and Adjacent Streets in Cluj-Napoca municipality”, for the award of the design contract.

The winner of the first prize was awarded the design contract with an estimated value of 755.000 RON, VAT not included. The second prize is 60.000 RON, and the third 30.000 RON.

Competition Jury

Permanent Members:

  • Arh. Pieter Uyttenhove – chairman of the jury
  • Arh. Rudolf Gräf
  • Arh. Ligia Subțirică
  • Arh. Kazmer Kovacs
  • Arh. Johannes Bertleff
  • Arh. Raluca Munteanu
  • Arh. Matei Bogoescu

Deputy Members:

  • Arh. Andrei Cebotaru

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