Open Call – Bucharest Triennale East Centric Architecture 2019 // EN

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Statement by the president of the curatorial board: Bogdan Ghiu

“Home is, along with human and world, one of the most vague, most falsely obvious, most falsely taken for granted words, one of the most unquestioned and most unanalyzed concepts of the contemporary world, and maybe that is why it is one of the most contradictory, most discussed and even most conflicting one. We all think we know what we mean when we say home, and maybe that is why we use this term in contexts which are often mutually exclusive, being implicitly involved in disputes of maximum violence. […] Between property and hospitality, closure and openness, which are the conceptual walls of the home feeling today, more importantly here, in Eastern Europe, that deliberately seems to shut the door behind and block it, so that no one else can enter home? And on the other hand, how much at home do we feel today in the globalized world, only apparently common and shared? What about in the home’s public space, among the strangers at home? Could home only mean, nowadays, home?”


In October 2019, we invite you to the third edition of the Bucharest Triennale East Centric Architecture in Romania. The main topic of this edition, HOME|any|more|?, proposes an interrogative approach of the possibility of being at home in today’s world. 

The East-Centric Architecture Bucharest Triennale is a transnational cultural event, meant to critically explore the architectural phenomenon in Central and Eastern Europe. The general context of our region and its historically variable relationship with the West call for a large scale endeavour in order to assert our common identity, to understand the entangled web of cultural influences and to foster creative paths for the future. The Triennale is organised by Arhitext Foundation and financed by the Architecture Stamp from the Romanian Order or Architects. 


The geographical focus of the Triennale is the Central and Eastern European region, including the following countries: Albania, Austria, Belarus, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary.

The two main events of the Triennale are:

  • the thematic exhibition HOME|any|more|? and
  • the essay contest Critical Discourses.

Two calls were launched in November 2018, open for practitioners and theorists concerned with the specific issues of this region. 

The participants must be architects, designers, urban planners, landscape architects or architecture, design, urban planning or landscape architecture offices from any of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe*. All submitted projects will have been finalized in the period 2016–2019.


Deadline for registration is February, 4th 2019, 11:59 pm (GMT+2).   

The thematic exhibition is the central event of the Triennale, aiming to offer a panorama of the way architecture responds to the current needs and to the specific context of Central and Eastern Europe. The call is addressed to professionals in the field of architecture, urban planning or design working in Central and Eastern Europe, who are invited to submit projects that were completed between 2016 and 2019. The selected projects will be included in the exhibition and its catalogue.

All submitted projects will have been finalized in the period 2016–2019. Submit an archive of your project at containing: 

  • exterior and/or interior photographs of the project (.jpg, .jpeg, .tiff, or .pdf format, minimum 300dpi),
  • drawings, plans, sections, diagrams, elevations that are necessary for understanding the concept of the project, the architectural intentions of the author(s) and the configuration of the exterior/interior spaces, 
  • a short presentation text (500 words). 


The deadline for submitting short proposals is 25.02.2019. The final texts are expected by 25.03.2019.

The call is open to those interested in contributing from a theoretical point of view to the analysis of the main theme of the Triennale. Regardless of the geographical origin or the theoretical background of the authors, the expected articles or essays should focus on the Central and Eastern European region. The authors of the texts nominated by a jury presided by Sarah Robinson will be invited at the Triennale to present their work. The winning contributions will be awarded for these two sections:

  • Theoretical Articles on the topic of HOME|any|more|? that critically examine theoretical perspectives in arhitecture and the connected fields (urbanism and urban studies, sociology, anthropology, economy, politics, geography, cultural studies, art history). 
  • Free Essays, focusing on a contextual, subjective reflection on the on the topic of HOME|any|more|? and approaching academic subjects from a rather personal point of view. 

For more information:


The president of the curatorial team of this edition is the romanian writer, poet and translator Bogdan Ghiu. Some of the prestigious guests who already confirmed their participation this year are Sarah Robinson (USA / Italy), Marc Jay (Denmark), Eva Prats & Ricardo Flores (Flores & Prats Architects, Barcelona).


Download the calendar from here.  


The previous editions of the Triennale (2013, 2016) brought together renowned architects, professors and theorists, such as Svetlana Boym (Russia/SUA), Dietmar Feichtinger (Austria/France), Terunobu Fujimori (Japan), Barbara Holub (Austria), Robert Mair (Austria), Willem Jan Neutelings (Olanda), Juhani Pallasmaa (Finland), Alberto Pérez-Gómez (Canada/Mexico), Boris Podrecca (Austria), Sami Rintala (Norway), Vladimir Šlapeta (Czech Republic), Ana Maria Zahariade (Romania).


For more than 20 years, The Arhitext Design Foundation has been developing editorial and cultural projects that raise awareness of the national and international state of architecture, urbanism, design and visual arts. The most important projects of the Foundation are the Arhitext Magazine and the Bucharest Triennale, dedicated to the Central and Eastern European region.

*Albania, Austria, Belarus, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Republic of Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary.