Benefits for OAR members
Benefits for OAR members

Benefits for OAR members

The Romanian Order of Architects concluded a series of partnerships for the social, economic, and professional benefit of its members: medical packages, pre-negotiated insurance and banking packages, access to legal data base and billing platforms, access to specialized books.

We’ll keep you updated on the conclusion of new, varied, and useful partnerships.


It is a 3-year partnership during which the OAR members, who have paid their subscription, can access SmartBill services at a preferential rate.

The offer is valid both for new users of the SmartBill platform, and for existing ones upon renewal of their subscription.


The partnership between the Romanian Order of Architects and the Regina Maria private health network was concluded both to alleviate the immediate consequences generated by the Covid-19 crisis, and to meet the need for sustainable prevention and healthcare.

This partnership targets two main areas:

  • Occupational healthcare services;
  • Individual healthcare subscriptions for OAR members and their families.


The partnership with Banca Transilvania brings benefits to OAR members through banking packages catered both for individuals and for businesses.

On the dedicated page you can read more about the custom packages.


The partnership concluded between the Romanian Order of Architects and Wolters Kluwer România grants the OAR members access to the legal data base Sintact.ro via an account dedicated to each branch contracting this service.

The access to the platform Sintact.ro, Law version, will be granted for the following modules:

  • Romanian legislation published in the Official Gazette part 1;
  • European legislation published in the Official Journal Series L.

Each member will access the data base via the account of the branch she/he is affiliated to.


The Romanian Order of Architects and Hamangiu, a publishing house specialized in legal publications for various professions, concluded a partnership.

All OAR members will get a 20% discount on the prices of the Hamangiu Publishing House books. The discount applies to the titles sold by the publishing house on its website.

For more details please go HERE.