2020 Reclaiming the River, Bucharest

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Questions and Answers

The pragmatic topics that motivate the launch of an architectural contest along Splaiul Unirii of Dâmboviţa, centred on the Timpuri Noi area, fall within the broader theme of the city’s transformations that occurred during the 1980s, which resulted in situations that Bucharest has failed to integrate or recover them for a period of 30 years; for many such rupture spaces, the only evolution is the presence of the spontaneous vegetation that has captured them.

The main objective of the competition is to select the best concept of arranging Splaiul Unirii, in the area between the Mărășești bridge and the Mihai Bravu bridge, so as to create a vibrant public space, addressed to the increasing number of users and an attractive context for a quality urban development of the area.

Following this competition, the Sector 3 City Hall will contract the design services of the authors for the purpose of a quality intervention.

The Contracting Authority of the competition is City Hall of Sector 3 of Bucharest, the owner and administrator of the public spaces that make the object of the investment. The Sector 3 City Hall is the contracting authority (CA) that will become the beneficiary of the contract resulting from this competition.

This competition is part of the broader, ongoing and future concerns of Sector 3 City Hall to improve the quality of the urban space and the lives of the inhabitants. 

In this regard, at the request of the Sector 3 City Hall OAR_B (Order of Architects in Romania – Regional Bucharest Office), together with the University of Architecture and Urbanism “Ion Mincu” and with the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest, organized in 2018 a workshop for the analysis of public spaces throughout the Sector 3. You can find its conclusions, also indicating the areas whose complex problem is good to be addressed through solution architecture competitions here (www.oar-bucuresti.ro/workshop-spatii-publice-sector-3-bucuresti/).

The organizer of the competition is the Regional Bucharest Office of the Order of Architects in Romania (OAR_B) through the Bucharest Architecture Annual in partnership with the Order of Architects in Romania (OAR), a professional organization whose mission is to increase the quality of the architectural-urbanistic product and to appreciate this service towards the society as an act of culture of public interest. In this sense, OAR promotes professional policies and practices that value the built heritage and favour the production of a valuable architecture, which are fundamental areas for the quality of life.

1st prize
the design contract with an estimated value of 180 000 RON, without VAT
3rd prize
18.907,56 RON, without VAT
Official launch of the Competition
Publishing date on SEAP
Deadline for receiving questions Round 1
Deadline for answering questions Round 1
Registration to site visit
Site visit
Deadline for receiving questions Round 2
Deadline for answering questions Round 2
Deadline for project submission
17.00 - Romanian time zone
Preliminary assessment of the projects
Verification by the Technical Committee
18.08.2020 - 19.08.2020
Jury assessment of the projects
21.08.2020 - 23.08.2020
Official announcement of the winner
Press conference with the Jury and Publishing the results on the competition’s official website
Publishing the gallery of projects on the competition’s official website
Deadline for appeals submission