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Autori principali: Arh. Florin Pîndici

Coautori: Arh. Vlad Manea, Arh. Laura Feher

Colaboratori arhitectură: Arh. Ioana Iordache, Std. arh. Diana Murariu, Std. arh. Silviu Arnăutu

Colaboratori de specialitate: Ing. Theodor Maros, Ing. Mihai Vadan, Ing. Alexandru Marinescu

Located in the historical area in the city, the main concept is to enhance the historical context and the main touristic points of the city. The interventions focus on adapting the modern needs of the main square to the existing old-town environment in a subtle way and providing the technological specifications of a contemporary town.

The whole design revolves around the idea to unify the elements in the square area, while creating specific zones adapted to the context. For this reason, an important aspect of the design was the general approach of the people, by respecting the main perspectives over the square and the existing pedestrian ways and, at the same time, the possibility to create a fluid space, adaptable to many kinds of events.

The dominant element of this composition is the cityhall, and its print can be found at the floor level of the new composition, as a green patch of vegetation and as the main fountain in the middle of the square.

All these elements and intervention are based on the purpose to highlight the historical landmarks of Brasov through a simple, detail-oriented way. While enhancing the old town and the surroundings of the most important plaza of the city, the project sets the foundations of integrating modern elements and digital equipment, imperative necessary for a smart-city.